Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby I'm yo Medicine....

I'll admit it....I'm guilty. I'll go to the doctor get medicine for a sickness and never finish the bottle. And not only do I never finish the bottle, but I use the medicine again should the pain, allergy, whatever return again. I have some 400mg Ibuprofen in my arsenal (not to be confused with my system) right now actually! Or even better: I'll look up the medicine you need or even just go into the store and peruse the pills by symptom and get what "fixes" the issue. And I KNOW I'm not the only one...that's half of the reason I could so readily admit I do it lol.

"Everyone"("" cause I don't like speaking in absolutes) reuses old prescriptions and "expired" prescriptions (cause can pills really expire?? If they can I don't wanna know, lol) and went for the knockoffs when they know what they need but don't have the prescription for it...while doctors will tell us it's healthier to get the prescription and it's safer and all that stuff....generally 'why pay extra/this is kinda expensive' are the mindsets that counter these thoughts

The Transition...

"Relationships (friendships, cakeships, smashships) are medicine to the soul...getting the prescription right is crucial."

I wanna say "in this day and age" SOO badly, but I shall refrain. Either way the way relationships work in the social environment I find myself living "next to" (I don't support it, so I can't say I'm a part of it) anyways....the social environment I find myself living next to is one that has a "treat the symptoms" mentality.

The difference between taking over-the-counter medicine for something you usually get prescriptions for is:
  • it's normally not as strong as the prescription
  • the "knock off" oftentimes isn't catered to the sickness and therefore you're only treating the syptoms
This same methodology gets applied to relationships. A lot of people go for whatever is easiest, but not necessarily the best for what's truly desired.

So the prescription that is a committed relationship is replaced with friends with benefits and smash buddies and ex's and over-the-counter fixes such as those...but they are temporary.

I was gonna expound further on this, but I'm sleepy at the moment......

The Rebirth of an Outlet

Ok, so when I started this joint I was just gonna post poems on it and call it a day after that... but then I only posted once every blue moon. I figure if I'd rather share my thoughts with the world and do this on a regular basis and see if people are interested in what I have to say.

I say all that to say: I'm back!!! and this time you're gonna hear my thoughts...the shits I normally liked to keep hidden away from public access.

Prepare to catch the revelations of......The Subjectless King.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Can I have a second of your time?
Can you make it a little more and put me on your mind?
Can I dwell in your thoughts, or just the in between?
Such a glancing thought would mean the world to me
I just want to feel like I'm worth the time
Cause if I could I'd give you all of mine
Can you pick up the phone and just text "hi" to me?
Or even one that says "I'm kinda busy"?
Something to remind me it's more than just words
Cans I have actions to match what I heard?
You're busy and stay on the move
Well can you pencil me into your schedule?
You can't stop much and really, that's fine
All I'm asking for is a little of your time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why have you forsaken me?
Not to say you're my Savior but....
in a way, you were.
You were the last hope for my ideals and my faith.
My faith in people I mean...
My faith that a honest, faithful relationship could still exist in this day and age..
Cause everywhere I look, people act like they're only taking two steps
But they look for their destination endless steps away.
I pack for the the long trek and search along the trail for someone to team up with
But everyone I meet along the way is only going up a couple yards.
They're not equipped to go nearly as far...down this road I'm trying to reach.
But looked like you had the right equipment to really go the distance.
But it appears I was wrong.
I'm beginning to believe that this road I travel is mine and mine alone.
I'll strap on my boots for the long road ahead.
And snap the backpack tight around my chest
and as I head for the hills through uncharted grounds
I know good and well the next trekker I see is going to catch my attention.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


My name is about as important as were I'm from
But if you take that left, past the third treble clef
And keep up the street, you can catch me on the right
I'll be in the building under the bass, right next to the hi's
Look past the lows before the snare kicks back
Go until you see the second "boom kack"
I'll be where the melody touches the baseline
Right where the rhythm shows it's true time
Let me take you to where the hook meets the breakdown
Or to where the beat pauses and silence is the only sound
I can show you where ingenuity touches the soul
As a simple exhale makes the rhythm go cold
Have you ever seen lyrics bring smarts to the stuff
Cause the rest is so retarded not even the hottest fire can touch
Well I can show you all that, just follow the metronome
Head straight to the keys and you'll find my home

Monday, December 14, 2009

Throwback Poem of the Week


Irresistible is the only thing I can be
Because everybody wants to be in me
You know who I am, I know you do
You also don't know me, both are true
My words are not self-contradictions
They are just literal transcriptions
You want to be in me, no matter what you s
If not before, you'll want me some day
They want me so bad they dress my cousin
To be like me, but they don't comprehend
What I am, cause I don't deceive
Trust your heart, just believe

I believe in you when you turn to my brother
For the plain fact that we're opposite each other
I give you utter bliss
Make you enjoy a simple kiss
Like it was an act of God
Make you feel weird and odd
Have you not figured me out?
I guess I'll tell you what I'm about
I'm love and my cousin is lust
My cousin is deceitful, me you can trust
Hatred is my brother, and it's all cool
Cuz I'm the one that's irresistible

Poem was written
November 10, 2002

Friday, December 11, 2009

Personally Accountable

Baby girl what are your hours?
Is your heart open?
I come by every chance I get but the closed sign is up...
I really just want to open up an account with you
Well what I'm talking about is an account to your heart.
I guess a checking/savings is a good start.
I really want to start a savings account with you.
I'm talking high yield, and I'll deposit cash too.
I see you have some over drafted accounts in your system.
You can close those accounts and the customers? Dismiss them.
Don't worry about their over drafting fees.
I can take care of that, you're so worth it to me.
Your balance is in the red, I gotta correct that
Your heart is too resilient to not bounce back.
Just open your heart, and let it be for me alone.
And you'll never have to approve another loan.
I'll buy out your branch of the company.
What I'm really asking is that you love me.

Chinese Proverb of the Day